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Guaranteed Technical English Training Competence for Engineers and Technicians

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TELS was established in 1995 to provide a true technical English teaching service derived from my extensive career experience in industry.

My clients are professional engineers, technicians, scientists, high-tech companies, technical Institutes and universities.

I also check or translate into English your own technical documentation ensuring correct language usage as well as giving advice for putting a professional spin on your international English language presentations.

Please contact me if you need assistance or Technical English lessons for groups of any size or one-to-one tuition. I'll visit your company or arrange tuition at my city or Bergedorf offices. If you have no time for regular lessons you can take ad hoc lessons, chat on the phone or Skype®.

" Mr Harris has been a boon for me.
He has the ability to converse with me as an engineer
using the kind of language I need as a commissioning
engineer; the specialist vocabulary and expressions
flow easily from his mind..."

about TELS

TELS manager Lawrence Harris is a British engineer with wide career experience in industry and technology, as well as being a fully qualified EFL English teacher with many years experience in Germany.

What my clients say

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my courses

I offer short and longer courses, one-day intensives, hands-on workshops, seminars, online tuition (PC Desktop) as well as preparation for the TOEFL online test and Cambridge English exams.

one-to-one tuition

Would you like to improve your small talk or talk specifically about your work, or prepare for an overseas visit where the common language is English? Do you worry that you don't have sufficient technical language expertise?

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From time to time you may want to have an English style CV and covering letter when applying for an international job. This is where my wide-ranging skills can ensure that you present yourself well to your prospective new company.


Many engineers like to write their own documentation, however it is always wise to have it checked by a native speaker to avoid language pitfalls and misunderstandings from an English perspective.

On the other hand, you might prefer to have your papers translated for you so that you can get on with your own work.

„Ihre Korrekturen haben wir selbstverständlich gerne übernommen. Vielen Dank dafür! “


I offer short and longer courses, one-day intensives, hands-on workshops, seminars, online tuition as well as preparation courses for the TOEFL iBT test and Cambridge English exams.

My Expertise:

Technical English course contents:

  • technical grammar
  • authentic text analysis
  • terminology
  • vocabulary building
  • correcting pronunciation
  • technical documentation
  • your work specific interests

Technical writing course contents:

  • Technical grammar
  • styles, documentation, reports
  • specifications, test procedures
  • research papers, abstracts
  • emailing, formal letters

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Personal One-to-One Tuition

Would you like to improve your small talk or talk specifically about your work? Perhaps you need to prepare for an overseas visit where the common language is English and and need to brush-up your technical and general English, or to check that the technical English of a presentation or paper you have written is correct before publishing.

When communicating in business or enjoying a small-talk conversation, you want to feel sure that what you say or write is what you mean to say without making embarrassing mistakes.

If you have doubts about your social, technical or grammar skills, as your training partner, I will help you to brush them up with a few lessons or longer training. I have considerable technical experience and many years experience in business as well as being a fully qualified EFL teacher, so I am quite able to tell you all about those little nuances that can catch you out.

I am very flexible with regard to tuition appointments. You can have lessons regularly at the same time or take tuition on an ad hoc basis to suit your work schedule.


If you have no time or are always on the move, you can chat with me on the phone or Skype® for a few minutes or simply ask a question with my tele-English service.

I also offer an online technical English course which can be a supplement to normal lessons or it can be done entirely online. This is an excellent way to improve your written English or English grammar.

Professional Presentations

When giving a presentation your body language should be pleasant to look at while you are talking. This is a simple statement to make, but all too often overlooked when preparing to give a presentation. How you appear while talking is just as important as the presentation content itself.

Your presentation will usually be allocated a specific amount of time to be completed in. I will go through the presentation with you, listening carefully for anything that is repeated or superfluous, and timing each phase so that precious time can be optimised to ensure you complete it within the allocated time. If you feel unsure, let me give you sensitive guidance on ensuring your presentation style is appropriate for the occasion.

Engineers and PhDs

Let me check your technical papers for style and grammar, or why not have a short technical English intensive course to brush-up your writing and speaking skills!

If you have to write papers in English for publishing in professional journals you need to be sure that the language used is appropriate and that the scientific and grammatical structures are correct. This is one area of my expertise.

Scientific Institutions

I have both pre- and post PhD clients from Hamburg's leading research institutes. I understand the nature of their research and converse with them to develop their spoken and written communication skills.

Ich arbeite nun schon einige Jahre sehr erfolgreich mit Lawrence zusammen, hinsichtlich der Erstellung von technischen Artikeln und des Schreibens von wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichungen...

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Sind die Texte Ihrer Englischen Webseite korrekt? Sie sind unsicher? Dann lassen Sie mich eine kurze Durchsicht machen. Oft, trotz gutem gesprochenem Englisch, werden immer wieder Fehler eingebaut wenn Englischtexte nicht von einen Muttersprachler geschrieben sind. Manchmal amüsant, manchmal wichtig. Ich bringe alles in Ordnung, zu einem fairem Preis. Rufen Sie mich einfach an. Es lohnt sich.

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