Maritime English

A lifelong interest in all things maritime guarantees successful technical English courses for your company

These courses deal with the language needed for the many facets of river, coastal and sea going activities from formal courses for navigation and law enforcement agencies to engineering and logistics technologies.

The engineering courses deal with the language of shipbuilding yards, design and planning.

The navigation and law enforcement sections deal with the language of SOLAS, MARPOL, Seaspeak, load-lines, oil spills, collisions, stowaways, incoming and outgoing clearances, the various parts of a ship, navigation terminology, criminal activities and traffic control.

The logistics technologies course deals with the English language needed for the latest developments in logistics such as warehouse automation, port IT facilities to speed up data processing, transportation systems, customs and general terminology, container stacking and handling both on- and off vessels.

Courses are also offered for the language used in leisure activities such as yachting and power boating.

I also provide courses for travel agencies that specialise in cruises.