English for Electronics, Mechatronics, IT and Software engineering

This English language course covers the fascinating insides of our familiar computers, the microcontrollers that open the doors of cars and the many devices used to make our lives comfortable and safe. Without electronics and software, modern aeroplanes would not fly, nor modern cars operate. Many aspects of our security is now dependent on the accuracy and sophistication of electronic equipment.

My courses will adapt to your company's products, and will build up the essential range of vocabulary and professional language styles required for utilising products, design ideas and methodologies from the globalised world.

The courses will look at the language of data sheets in detail, controller systems from a simple microcontroller throught to a fully fledged WAN system controller, digital and analogue microchips, power supplies and anything else you might wish to include.

The mechatronics course covers advanced aspects of robotic systems and control electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and ISO safety standards.

IT and Software engineering courses can cover systems, languages and application techniques in whichever field of interest you have.