Aircraft and Aerospace

Technical English training to aircraft technicians and engineers since 1995

TELS has many years' experience in the aircraft industry and brings this knowledge into real technical English language training. I have given many technical and general courses to the Airbus company in Hamburg, as well as Hamburg's technical training schools. Besides ensuring your general English grammar is taken care of, I can provide you with a deep insight into the technical language of components, technical documentation, safety, flight-line, QA and electronic systems, just to mention a few areas of my personal expertise.

English language courses modules:

General aviation concepts
ASD Simplified technical English
Aircraft systems & structures and structural repairs
composite technology
Cabins & interiors
IPC, requests for change, revision
Technical log book entries
Non-destructive testing, stress analysis, quality assurance
Future aircraft, drones, UAV
Electrical, electronics, mechanical
ATA 52 components
oxygen systems