Online technical English tuition

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Whatever your skills level and fields of interest, my new online courses and one-to-one personal online tuition can be used to save you time and provide extra training resources to develop your technical English skills even further, as-and-when you wish, in your own time!

Use those spare moments to switch-off from what you're doing at work and dive into our fascinating online exercises!

TELS-online uses lots of interesting and enjoyable training techniques, such as right up-to-date current scientific, technological and engineering video clips to let you express your opinions while gaining real-life language usage practice.

Other online learning methods can be used to enhance your grammar and technical writing using readily accessible documents from the internet as well as my own in-house resources.

I have invested many hundreds of hours perfecting the online syllabus to provide my clients with the most satisfying learning experience, whether you wish to use my material to support face-to-face meetings or purely as an online learning resource.

I believe my fees are modest and are always tailored to your precise needs so you will only pay for what you use! more >>>