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Technical English training with confidence since 1995

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Technical English course content:

  • technical grammar
  • terminology
  • your work activities
  • vocabulary building
  • correcting pronunciation
  • documentation

Technical English writing course content:

  • technical grammar
  • styles, documentation, reports
  • specifications, test procedures
  • research papers, abstracts
  • emailing, formal letters

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Aerospace and aircraft - I have many years experience in the aircraft industry both in my former career in the UK and language training at Airbus, Hamburg. I bring this knowledge into real technical English language training. I understand the technical language of components, technical documentation, safety and design engineering, flight-line services, QA and electronic systems, just to mention a few areas of expertise.

Electronics and IT - My training covers computers, microcontrollers, electronic components and all associated documentation utilising skills gained while working professionally in this industry. My courses will adapt to your company's products, and will build up the range of vocabulary and professional language required for utilising your products, design ideas and methodologies.

Telecommunications - TELS keeps abreast of technical developments in this field of engineering. I provide courses for technicians and engineers to develop their technical and general language skills. I can also offer individual training for those engineers who need to develop their language skills for international purposes.

Maritime - My courses deal with the language needed for the many facets of river, coastal and sea going activities, ship building engineering, and law enforcement services. I give regular courses to the Hamburg Port police to develop everyday language skills for all aspects of their port activities. I also give courses for the technical aspects of port and warehouse logistics, and to travel agencies that specialise in cruises.

Mechanical engineering - Today's products have evolved into sophisticated computer designed and environmentally friendly constructions. I will look at the language of design and development for general mechanical engineering, the auto industry, manufacturing processes, robotics and safety standards.

Scientific - Many PhD researchers need to write papers for professional journals. I will ensure that the language used is appropriate and that the scientific and grammatical structures are correct. Presentations in an international environment are normally given in English. I will sympathetically develop your confidence and language skills, and guide you with good techniques. TELS already supports engineers and scientists in Hamburg's universities and research institutes.

Materials - used in engineering and manufacturing affect the sturdiness, cost, reliability and durability of the final product. My courses discuss the English language used to describe these aspects of materials such as carbon fibre composites, metals, non-metallic materials, precision thin film coatings, stress testing, the aging process, internal structures at the micro-level and the range of analytical testing methodologies used, for example, in the aircraft industry.

Environmental - Whatever aspect you are interested in, be it monitoring air and noise pollution, building storm flood defences, coastal erosion, rising sea level analysis, agriculture or general nature, I can provide language training solutions for you. TELS's expertise already assists technical personnel for the coastal and River Elbe storm flood protection with their documentation and language skills.

Tuition Charges

Naturally, there is flexibility with my charges depending on circumstances. All pricing can only be quoted definitively after a face-to-face discussion.