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One-to-One Tuition

Personal Tuition

Would you like to improve your small talk or talk specifically about your work, or prepare for an overseas visit where the common language is English?

Do you worry that you donít have sufficient technical expertise and vocabulary to communicate and negotiate in English during technical discussions? When communicating, it is vital to feel sure that what you say or write is, in fact, what you mean to say, without making embarrassing errors which could have serious repercussions for you or your company.

If you have doubts about your technical English and grammar skills, or simply want to ensure your level of spoken English at work and social events are more than adequate, and you want to gain even more respect as an authoritative English speaker in technical situations, youíll find TELS is the training partner you need because I am prepared to go that extra mile with and for you!

Personal one-to-one tuition is an ideal way to improve and develop your language skills. Your present language level should be at intermediate (CEF B1) or higher so that we can really get started without worrying too much about language basics, important as they are.

My clients are technicians and engineers of all levels, scientists, managers and other professionals. Perhaps you urgently need to check that the technical English of a paper you have written is correct, or you have to give an important lecture in English to an international company or attend an overseas conference and need to brush-up your technical and general English.

Professional Presentations:

When giving a presentation your body language should be pleasant to look at while you are talking. This is a simple statement to make, but all too often overlooked when preparing to give a presentation. How you appear while talking is just as important as the presentation content itself. To describe how big something is with both hands is quite all right, but in essence, it is your voice that should be giving the information!

Your presentation will usually be allocated a specific amount of time to be completed in. I will go through the presentation with you, listening carefully for anything that is repeated or superfluous, and timing each phase so that precious time can be optimised to ensure you complete it within the allocated time.

If you feel unsure, let me give you sensitive and polite guidance on ensuring your presentation style is appropriate for the occasion.

Personal One-to-One Tuition Charges

Personal technical English tuition often requires substantial time for preparation and research into your particular subject, so this would require payment commensurate with the work undertaken.

I suggest you take your training seriously and consider the cost of your training as a personal investment in yourself. Think of it in terms of a three to six month training period and accept the cost of your training on this basis and not just on the cost of an individual lesson.

For technical English I will only give a price quotation for your training after a personal face-to-face interview to really find out what you want and/or need, so please do not ask for a fixed quotation over the phone!

I can offer a casual, friendly meeting in Bergedorf where we talk about things in general and perhaps a bit of your work-related topics (but not intensely).

If you want work-related technical English tuition in Bergedorf where we discuss your work in detail, and where I might be required to do research on your subject, then this would cost more.

If you wanted me to travel to your company within Hamburg then my charge would include travel.

Group tuition at your company would need to be discussed.

Public Authorities (Behoerde) would be the standard Behoerde charge.

Business or General English:

Local Bergedorf area people who would like to improve their general conversation English or Business English would be given very favourable rates.

Naturally, there is flexibility with my charges depending on circumstances. All pricing can only be quoted definitively after a face-to-face discussion.

Give me a call then we can meet and have a chat about your needs.

Dated: February 2017