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Are you a highly skilled engineer or technician
who has to use technical English daily?

Do you want to be sure that your level of spoken English is more than adequate for your work and social events?

Do want to gain even more respect as a good English speaker in technical situations?

Then TELS is the training partner you need because we are ready to go the extra mile with you!

„Mr Harris has been a boon for me. He has the ability to converse with me as an engineer using the kind of language I need as a commissioning engineer; the specialist vocabulary and expressions flow easily from his mind...“

TELS specialises in teaching technical English to engineers, technicians, scientists and managers. Experience how your previous inhibitions to communicate with foreign customers, suppliers and partners can be overcome so that your projects run smoothly without misunderstandings or delays, and you can really begin to enjoy your work.

Why choose TELS?



Offers flexible tuition appointments

One client's Story

One of my first Bergedorf clients said:

"I'd been going to a large multi-national English language school in the centre of Hamburg for about 3 months taking part in a "small" group of 10 students. I only got the chance to speak for a few minutes because there were so many in the group, and in any case, the teacher spent most of the time talking. The American teacher did not seem to be qualified because he could not explain grammar points. He only wanted to speak, and I was paying a lot of money in advance for the course. You never really got to know your fellow students because they were always coming and going.

Then I discovered a language school in Bergedorf which specialised in technology and engineering. After my second visit I realised this was just what I needed. I could talk freely with the teacher who understood my work and he could explain clearly and sympathetically any point of grammar that I was unsure of. Their charges are what I expect for such high quality tuition, but the main thing from my point of view is that they are flexible, which suited my work because I was often away on business“.


All Courses

Technical English course contents:

Industry and Academic Institutions

Our technical English courses are suitable for technicians and engineers at intermediate and advanced levels, as well as Bachelor and Master degrees at universities.

Why not have a short intensive, or a hands-on workshop, or even a longer course to pep-up your technical language and grammar!

Online Courses

TELS offers two online technical English courses at intermediate to advanced levels (CEFR B1 - C1), which are particularly useful for improving written technical English and technical English grammar and style:

Individual learners: This course can be wholly online or used to supplement face-to-face tuition.

Groups: A course was taught very successfully to groups of circa 20 undergraduate students at the University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg during the Covid 2020 - 2021 pandemic lockdown for three full semesters. The courses majored on good written technical English based around the necessary language to complete a formally written project report. The students also made a recorded presentation of their project work using powerpoint etc.

Because this course was totally online via email, the students could study the lessons and complete the exercises when it was suitable for them. This way, I was able to give each individual student my full attention to explain any problems with their submitted classwork and give them guidance. I received considerable appreciation for the courses from the students.

Zoom type meetings are also offered for short lectures, and where students want to practise their spoken English. The group size is best limited to around 6 - 9 participants to ensure everyone has plenty of opportunity to speak. .

Whatever your skills level and fields of interest, my new online courses and one-to-one personal tuition can be used to save you time and provide extra training resources to develop your technical English skills even further, as-and-when you wish, in your own time!

Use those spare moments to switch-off from what you're doing at work and dive into these fascinating online exercises!

TELS-online uses lots of interesting and enjoyable training techniques, such as right up-to-date current scientific, technological and engineering video clips to let you express your opinions while gaining real-life language usage practice.

Other online learning methods are used to enhance your grammar and technical writing using readily accessible documents from the Internet as well as TELS' own in-house resources.

I have invested many hundreds of hours perfecting the online syllabus to provide clients with the most satisfying learning experience, whether you wish to use my material to support face-to-face meetings or purely as an online learning resource.

The Online course is done by email supported by chat apps and phone.

Online course costs:

Groups: from 10 per 60 minutes per participant depending on level of technology required.

One-to-one: by arrangement.


Specialist Courses

     Aerospace and aircraft

   Electronics and IT



   Mechanical engineering



   Legal and Law enforcement



One-to-One Tuition

Would you like to improve your small talk or talk specifically about your work, or prepare for an overseas visit where the common language is English?

Do you worry that you don't have sufficient technical language expertise and vocabulary to communicate and negotiate in English during technical discussions? When communicating, you want to feel sure that what you say or write is what you mean to say without making embarrassing mistakes which could have repercussions for you or your company.

If you have doubts about your technical English and grammar skills, or simply want to ensure your level of spoken English at work and social events is more than adequate, and you want to gain even more respect as an authoritative English speaker in technical situations, you'll find TELS is the training partner you need because I am prepared to go that extra mile with and for you!

Personal one-to-one tuition is an ideal way to improve and develop your language skills. Your present language level should be at intermediate (CEF B1) or higher so that we can really get started without worrying too much about language basics, important as they are.

My clients are technicians and engineers of all levels, scientists, managers and other professionals. Perhaps you urgently need to check that the technical English of a paper you have written is correct, or you have to give an important lecture in English to an international company or attend an overseas conference and need to brush-up your technical and general English.

TELS is very flexible with regard to tuition appointments. You can come regularly at the same time or on an ad hoc basis to suit your busy work schedule.


You have no time to attend regular language courses? Well you can chat with me on the phone or the chat apps for a few minutes or simply ask a question.

Tele-learning can be a supplement to regular lessons or used on an ad hoc basis. You might need to have something explained that is causing you difficulty - perhaps a word usage or a piece of text. Simply call me and I will normally be able to clarify the issue for you. You might also want to practise your spoken English for ten minutes - no problem!

The service is provided on a minute-by-minute charging basis, with a block of minutes prepaid in advance. The service usage will be agreed with you at the end of each session and the minutes recorded.

Tele-learning & Chatting can be done with any of the online apps or on the telephone.

Scientific Research Centres and Institutions

Are you studying for a PhD or already a holder and need help with your research papers or presentations? TELS has both pre- and post PhD clients from Hamburg's leading research centres. I understand the nature of their research and converse with them to develop their spoken and written communication skills.

Ich arbeite nun schon einige Jahre sehr erfolgreich mit Lawrence zusammen, hinsichtlich der Erstellung von technischen Artikeln und des Schreibens von wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichungen...

Do you have to write papers in English for publishing in professional journals? Would you like to be sure that the language used is appropriate and that the scientific and grammatical structures are correct?

Professional Presentations:

Your international presentations are the highlight of your work so they should come across well. Let me sympathetically develop your confidence and guide you with good techniques to structure your talks, add more personality, capture attention, and speak more clearly.

When giving a presentation your body language should be pleasant to look at while you are talking. This is a simple statement to make, but all too often overlooked when preparing to give a presentation. How you appear while talking is just as important as the presentation content itself. To describe how big something is with both hands is quite all right, but in essence, it is your voice that should be giving the information!

Your presentation will usually be allocated a specific amount of time to be completed in. I will go through the presentation with you, listening carefully for anything that is repeated or superfluous, and timing each phase so that precious time can be optimised to ensure you complete it within the allocated time.

If you feel unsure, let me give you sensitive and polite guidance on ensuring your presentation style is appropriate for the occasion.



„Ihre Korrekturen haben wir selbstverständlich gerne übernommen. Vielen Dank dafür! ...“


It is important that documentation is written correctly and accurately to avoid ambiguity or misunderstanding.

What might seem right to a non-native speaker is often wrong because subconsciously the author is reflecting on his own language, and perhaps a literal word-for-word translation. Subtle uses of prepositions is also difficult if one is not completely familiar with a language. Language flow and avoidance of certain words and structures all add to the art of good technical writing. It is for such reasons one's own attempts at writing, which is always to be encouraged, should be checked by a native speaker expert in the subject before submitting a document.

I can carry out proof-reading and preparation for publishing of your own-produced documentation for correct choice of language, technical accuracy, technical style and grammar.

A document will invariably have queries, so it is always good practice for the author and expert to go through the document together. Even a change of one word could easily alter the intended meaning.

Papers for publication in professional journals

These require a lot more preparation than proof-reading. The paper as a whole must be considered to ensure good flow and style to avoid unnecessary repetition of ideas and words. Be sure that your paper is the final version, and will not be subject to further alterations. All alterations, whether large or small, will be charged for on a time basis (not lineage), as they will invariably affect the paper image. The document will have to be read through again to ensure high standards are maintained.

proof-reading is all too frequently thought of as a cheap and quick exercise, but in practice it rarely is, so adequate time should be allowed for checking a document.

If you would like me to prepare your paper for publication, then please understand that such work is costly, therefore always ask for a cost estimate of the work required.

May I remind you that urgent requests attract a surcharge.

Website Texte Kontroll

German Sind die Texte Ihrer Englischen Webseite korrekt? Sie sind unsicher? Dann lassen Sie mich eine kurze Durchsicht machen. Oft, trotz gutem gesprochenem Englisch, werden immer wieder Fehler eingebaut wenn Englischtexte nicht von einen Muttersprachler geschrieben sind. Manchmal amüsant, manchmal wichtig. Ich bringe alles in Ordnung, zu einem fairem Preis. Rufen Sie mich einfach an. Es lohnt sich.

English flag .....Und schon wieder sehe ich was....."Oh I do wish website owners would have their English versions checked out by a native speaker!!!!! It is so maddening to have to read unclear meanings, bad English grammar, wrong choice of words and prepositions etc. etc.! Do give us a call, we won't bite you!"

Curriculum Vitae (CV) auf englische Art

German Ein englisches Curriculum Vitae ist ähnlich wie ein deutscher Lebenslauf, nur kürzer. Es ist sehr wichtig, dass nur alles Wesentliche ausgefuhrt wird. Deshalb ist es am besten Sie wenden sich an einen Profi. Wenn es um technische Dinge geht, können wir Ihnen bestimmt helfen. Mit einer kurzen Besprechung bei uns, können wir Ihre Fähigkeiten sowie als auch einige Spezialgebiete notieren und alles in gutem Englisch aufsetzen. Ebenso werden wir Sie auf ein Vorstellungsgespräch vorbereiten und einen Bewerbungsbrief verfassen.

English text A CV is not only about your work experience - it is much more. I will have a chat with you to see what your whole life skills are, then translate all this information into a CV that really reflects the person you are and where you want to be heading in your next career move.

Producing a professional CV from your Lebenslauf does take a lot of time. There is a lot of creativity required to translate into words your personality and how you see yourself in the new post you are applying for. To do this you will need a paragraph at the top of the CV which will give the company an immediate impression of 'you', as well as what you are seeking and what you can offer.

If you simply want your German Lebenslauf translated verbatim into English, then I will charge on the standard 55 characters per line basis.

However, if you want a professional CV preparing and also a job application covering letter, I would first need to have a talk with you to discover your potential worth to a future employer. This talk usually discovers talents within you that you could easily overlook, but which could be a useful asset to the company.

As you are well aware, it is so important to create the right initial impression to the company. Your CV and covering letter will be the only things the company have in order to decide whether they would like to invite you for an interview.


Other Services

UK Liaison Service

Do you need help getting information from or about Great Britain? Then let my liaison service try to help you, be it touristic, business or from the authorities.

Language school partners

If you feel like having a one or two week holiday to really get your English smoothed out, TELS has friendly, well-established, fully equipped partner language schools in England and Malta.

TELS Publications for EFL trainers

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