English for the sciences


Our research PhD and Doktorand clients say our technical English knowledge is an invaluable resource for them

From simple curious questions, man's knowledge has evolved to see what cannot be seen by the eye, has produced materials of enormous consequences, has taken raw earth and produced beautiful products: from sand - glass and semiconductors, from iron - powerful steels, from rare earths - unbelievably strong magnets and atomic power.

Many PhD researchers write papers to be published in professional journals. I will ensure that the language used is appropriate and that the scientific and grammatical structures are correct.

Presentations in an international environment are normally given in English. I will sympathetically develop your confidence and language skills and guide you with good techniques.

I have a particular interest in astro-physics and am a member of the Hamburg Sternwarte Förderverein.

Whatever branch of science you research, I can assist you to develop your language skills offering individual training on an ad hoc basis should you require it.