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A Compendium of Technical English Topics for EFL Teachers

120 pp, price 45,00

Technical English is often the bane of an EFL teacher's career due to its manifold perceptions of what it actually is and how to teach it. My whole life's career has been involved with technology in one way or another, so to me anything to do with TE comes naturally, but teachers of other subjects, in which Business English predominates, may need some guidance as to whether they should attempt to do it, and if so, how. In this compendium I have used my own experience to help you decide on the two former questions, then demonstrate the practicalities of giving lessons in an EFL context.

Other issues often encountered in the field of teaching are also raised and discussed, such as dealing with those students in a group who might prefer the practical side of learning, and who are often found to be dyslexic, needing a different approach to their training.

This book will introduce the various kinds of lessons and lesson plans for the different levels of English ability referring to the European CEFR (Common European Framework Reference) standard for skill level assessment.

The Business of EFL Teaching ing

The Business of EFL Teaching

70 pp, price 25,00

Most EFL teachers think only of their abilities to offer English courses and give little or no thought to the business side until financial issues occur or the taxman's demands fall through their letter boxes.
This 'no frills and to the point' book will guide you through the things you need to be aware of throughout your teaching career to give you peace of mind while you get on with your teaching work. The book covers every aspect of a teacher's career from financial relationships with private clients, language schools and direct client companies, to the ongoing things you will need for your life and eventual retirement.

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