Referenzen - Client Testimonials

Technical English training since 1995

From a young private student's parents

danke für Ihr Feedback. Wir freuen uns sehr zu hören, dass Philip solche Fortschritte gemacht hat. Das haben wir Ihnen zu verdanken. Er erzählt auch überall, seitdem er Sie hat, kann er sehr gut englisch sprechen und ist tatsächlich selbstbewusster in der englischen Sprache. “

Summer 2016: Bachelor BSc Degree thesis in electronics for particle physics and colloquium done in English by a Turkish student:

Dear Lawrence,

Again thanks to being in my colloquium. That gave me mental support for my talk.

And I also enjoyed the time in which we talked and studied English. You helped me a lot during my thesis time either mental or for writing in English. Without you it was not possible to improve my English so fast. I was really happy to hear from you such a good comment after my talk.

Tugba K.

Student evaluation of my 2015 technical and business English courses given at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences >>>

From a HELTA member after my technical English presentation, June 2015:

Dear Lawrence,

Just to say a big thank you for your wonderful workshop on Saturday. It was so informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was also so nice meeting you and I really appreciated your offer of assistance with any of my technical problems.

Have a great Monday :(

All the best,


Appreciation from a regular customer

Hi Lawrence,
……As my stalwart helper I’m going to fall back on you and ask you to help me out – once again! I’ve gone thru’ these 6 pages - hopefully, there’s not too much to change from your point of view....

Hi Lawrence,
Your editing was – as usual – absolutely TOPS! J.

Brilliant as always, Lawrence! J

...This is only possible because a good friend is helping me with the proofreading. Thanks Lawrence!

Lawrence, you’re Goldig as they would say in German. J

So... what a brillant job you are doing Lawrence! Saves me simply hours of sweating out how to edit all these. I’m afraid I am just too close to see clearly. Janine

Hamburg city storm flood protection agency scientific paper

Ihre Korrekturen haben wir selbstverständlich gerne übernommen. Vielen Dank dafür!

PhD Doktorand dissertation editing

Ref: proof-reading and checking content of PhD Doktorand Dissertation

12 Jan 2009
Hi Lawrence,

Thanks again for your great service!

Kind regards,

Xing Member
Nikolai R.

Leipzig University

Electronics vocabulary set for an online electrical Engineering course:

'Thank you again for your valuable help! You and your students may use the new English Terms in the Electrical Engineering trainer .... '

Best wishes
Prof. Dr. U.

From a world renowned Hamburg optics scientist

Ich arbeite nun schon einige Jahre sehr erfolgreich mit Herrn Lawrence Harris zusammen. Wir sprechen regelmäßig in Meetings miteinander über unterschiedlichste selbstverfasste englische Texte. Diese Treffen sind sehr hilfreich für meine Arbeiten hinsichtlich der Erstellung von technischen Artikeln und des Schreibens von wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichungen.

Er verfügt über einen großen Erfahrungsschatz und seine umfangreichen Kenntnisse sind sehr gut geeignet, diese technisch anspruchsvollen Texte und ebenfalls die wissenschaftlichen Artikel zu bearbeiten. Er unterstützt mich durch Korrekturvorschläge, die stets hilfreich sind. Sie verbessern die Verständlichkeit und erhöhen die Aussagekraft der Texte.

Meine Erfahrungen mit seiner Arbeit sind ausgezeichnet und ich kann ihn bedenkenlos weiterempfehlen.

From one of our PhD students researching advanced welding techniques

It is always pretty nice to talk to you and listen to your intellectual advices which I appreciate!

I will have an appointment to discuss about my paper with my department leader next Monday.

Thank you for your help!

Kind regards

Viktoria F.

One of my first clients and still with me

Engineering in China

My long career acquaintanceship, now over eight years, with my former university technical English professor, Mr. Harris has been a boon for me. He has the ability to converse with me as an engineer using the kind of language I need in my career as a commissioning engineer for an international company installing computer controlled ship-board cranes on ocean-going vessels.

Not only the everyday language, but also the specialist engineering vocabulary, expressions and technical language that I need to acquire flow easily from his mind.

Thomas L.