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Technical English writing one day seminar-workshop

Block 1 – Basics of writing technical English (1.50 hours) Introduction to active and passive sentences for present, future and past tenses with practice
Block 2 – Sentences and paragraphs (lectures 45 mins, practice 2 hours) Writing simple sentences, multi-clause sentences; building a paragraph; writing a full report
Block 3 – Miscellaneous small grammar items (30 minutes) Discourse markers, “which” usage, punctuation, abbreviations and miscellaneous symbols using handouts with examples
Block 4 – Experiment reports (0.50 - 1.50 hours) Lecture and If applicable, writing up a lab experiment.
Block 5 – Specifications (1.50 hours) Language, items to be considered, examples, practice
Block 6 – Test procedures ((1.50 hours) Structure, examples, practice
Block 7 – Research papers ( one hour) Writing abstracts, examples, practice
Block 8 – Emails and letters (1.50 hours) business letter structure, examples, practice

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