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- one client's story

One of my first Bergedorf clients said:

"I'd been going to a large multi-national English language school in the centre of Hamburg for about 3 months taking part in a "small" group of 10 students. I only got the chance to speak for a few minutes because there were so many in the group, and in any case, the teacher spent most of the time talking. The American teacher did not seem to be qualified because he could not explain grammar points. He only wanted to speak, and I was paying a lot of money in advance for the course. You never really got to know your fellow students because they were always coming and going.

Then I discovered a language school in Bergedorf which specialised in technology and engineering. After my second visit I realised this was just what I needed. I could talk freely with the teacher who understood my work and he could explain clearly and sympathetically any point of grammar that I was unsure of. Their charges are what I expect for such high quality tuition, but the main thing from my point of view is that they are flexible, which suited my work because I was often away on business.