Technical English Teaching Certificate of Competence - a proposal

15 April 2008


An authority or company engaging a technical English teacher needs to be certain that the teacher can project essential technical language to students. The old adage of a little knowledge can be very dangerous may be over-extending the principle of understanding one’s subject for general English teaching, but technical English could deal with safety and reliability issues, so a technical English teacher should be able to offer genuine, reassuring skills to students. Half-cock comments from poorly qualified trainers, usually business English teachers, such as ‘Well, we are only here to learn about the English language’ are not acceptable on a technical English course.

Objectives of the Certificate:

The objective of this qualification is to provide reassurance to an engaging authority or company that a teacher has genuine technical skills to impart to their students as well as being in possession of a formal EFL teaching qualification.


Principles of the Certificate

The teacher should:

Examination content

General technical English grade:

Advanced technical English grade:

Examination grading

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